At the end of May, I was asked to take part in Pride Inside. A joyful campaign to celebrate Pride at home in the time of social distancing and Covid 19.

With less than a week to cast and photograph, I set out to photograph three LGBTQ+ people in Bristol, adhering to AOP production guidelines. Thanks to Kiki Bristol, I met Myles and Shrouk as well as Louise whom I knew from another project.

To me, the three beautifully represent diversity within the queer community:

Shrouk is a muslim refugee, a belly dancer and an engineer, Myles is a trained psychologist and an illustrator (he’s photographed holding Audre Lorde’s ‘Your silence will not protect you’), and Louise is an equality specialist and mental health advocate.

I’m acutely aware of the intersectionality in society and was keen to make sure to include other queer people of colour; in particular at a time when the historic oppression and persecution of Black people is being investigated with new interest and hopefully, finally dismantled.

I have asked that my fee is donated to UK Black Pride.

Other UK resources:

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The Other Box facilitates and consults on the importance and value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Resources to aid anti-racism in the UK and beyond



 - Pride Inside - Emli Bendixen
 - Pride Inside - Emli Bendixen
 - Pride Inside - Emli Bendixen
 - Pride Inside - Emli Bendixen
 - Pride Inside - Emli Bendixen